SUKUN INTERNATIONAL Blog Latest Products Tue, 26 Sep 2023 02:28:14 +0530 en-us Why To Use Aluminium Tower Bolts? Tue, 10 Aug 2021 15:47:06 +0530 A tower bolt or latch is basically just a kind of mechanical fastener that is meant for joining two or more objects or surfaces like the door and the wall. Some space would still be left for the separation between the two surfaces. The tower bolt is attached to a strike plate or keeper which is simply a plate of metal affixed to a certain place.   Although the functioning and mechanism of the latch or bolt is not like that of a door or a window but still these products are found together in the market often. The aluminium tower bolt manufacturers offer their products in various ranges and rates.   Uses of Bolts Designing weapons : In the weaponry designs latches or bolts do have an important role. There are a number of weapons where latches are used as a unique symbol of the design. Architecture : One of the most common and basic use of bolts is when they are attached to doors and windows of buildings. In automobiles: A number of automobiles can be found using the several different latches that are meant for some specified purposes. Often they can be used in the doors of cars or in the other car parts like the seat belt, trunk or the boot door and even the bonnet or the hood.   All these different bolts have their particular uses in the car. Like the latches or bolts in the seat belts of cars usually are responsible for fastening the belt which keeps a person constrained to the seat. Similarly in the rear seats of cars the latches are a bit different. These different type of latches are used for preventing the adjacent seat belts of the car to get attached to a point that is not correct.   The Advantages of Using Aluminium Tower Bolts  Anti-corrosive: Aluminium that is sometimes even used as an alloy mixed with several other elements provides the tower bolt with properties like that of being resistant to corrosion. This is also a reason why most people prefer using aluminium tower bolts in their homes and offices. Durability : The aluminium tower bolt is quite often considered to be much more durable than the bolts made up of other materials. This is mainly because they are made of a very strong material of alloys. It allows people to use them for a long time without the need of replacement and maintenance. Attractive: The attractive and striking design of these tower bolts contribute a lot in attracting customers. Different designs are available for use in different places. People can choose the one they like the most and then use it to suitably decorate their home. These bolts can not only be used for doors but they can be also used for beds and cupboards.  Affordable : Customers quite often find that the aluminium tower bolts are not only of great quality but are also available at extremely affordable market rates. Availability : Another big benefit of this product is that customers can find it at any hardware store. Customers do not need to waste their precious time finding the product everywhere when it is available just in their locality. Display Hooks: A Small Detail With Big Productivity Mon, 11 Oct 2021 11:10:33 +0530 A hook is a tool that possesses a certain length and is made of metals. It has a curved end which is made with the purpose of grabbing onto, connecting, hanging or otherwise attaching it to another object. Display Hooks:- Though a very small device, stainless steel display hooks play a very important role in everyday life. Display hooks are designed to be mounted on walls. They are quite uniquely designed. Display hooks are made of different materials, stainless steel being quite a common choice. These hooks are available in different sizes, models and styles. This variety in hooks enables them to attach and fix to the walls. The display hooks are used commercially and domestically as well. These hooks are very common in clothing stores for displaying items and also in the trial rooms. These hooks are used daily in almost every retail store for hanging different items. Again these hooks are also used domestically for hanging clothes and other items. Types of Display Hooks:- There are different types of display hooks that are used in different stores and also at personal houses. These are used for various reasons. The variety in designs of display hooks are as follows: • Slat wall prongs are a type of display hooks that are compatible with any sort of slatwall display. The panels of these hooks are fixed to the walls and the hooks are flexible for sliding into the grooves of the slat panel. • Pegboard hooks are another variety of display hooks. These are pretty much similar to the previous kind. The difference being this hook variety is fitted with help of two mini prongs instead of a flat metal back plate. This helps these hooks fit into every kind of pegboard display. • Wire mesh display hooks are made to fit the wire display units of the grid mesh. This variety of display hooks feature a 'C' shaped back plate that sets very neatly over the mesh grid and holds the hooks in place. • Flipper scan hooks come with an extra hook, which contains an insert fastened at the end for displaying product description and price. Benefits The display hooks let the retail store owner or a clothing store owner organise the products for display and therefore increases the floor space. They also help in resulting in more sales by displaying several hangable items on these hooks properly. These hooks allow maintains any items in larger volumes in a tidy and neat fashion. This improves the aesthetic of the items and saves space along with the cleanliness of the surrounding. The hooks also let hanging the backer card, price tags and other attachments with the products is that it becomes convenient for the customers to check on the variety of items together in detail. Hence it makes the displaying even more organised. Conclusion:-   There are different companies in India that manufacturers these products with the finest quality raw materials and are also engaged as stainless steel display hooks suppliers. They claim their products are highly resistant to rust and facilitate smooth usage. They offer these products galvanised and with a finishing of the polished surface. These products weigh according to their sizes. The suppliers also provide sampled to the customers if required. Why should you Buy Brass Glass Bracket? Thu, 27 Jan 2022 11:25:55 +0530 A bracket is an architectural element or decorative structure that can be made of stone, wood, metal, or glass. A bracket is a wide-shaped or L-shaped metal piece that attaches to a shelf or wall. It projects from a wall to carry weight and strength.  A bracket is an intermediate component in mechanical structure formation to fix one part to another. One part of the bracket is usually a large part. Its vertical arm is set with one element, and its horizontal arm holds another element. A third arm runs diagonally between the vertical and horizontal components in many frames. Bracket manufacturers always try to produce designer and unique quality brackets vital to keep any heavyweight material.   The Usefulness of Bracket The unique usage of a bracket for various household purposes in the modern days is as follows- • The bracket can support various architectural items, including parapets, eaves, arch, beams, window box, pergola roof, and shelf.  • In the adjustable shelving system, a bracket has immense usefulness to support vertical metal strips. It has huge usefulness in the modern days. • Some brackets have cast stone as a valuable material for new buildings in historic architecture. • Due to their enormous durability, brass glass brackets have considerable benefits to hold any solid or heavyweight decorating items. The brass bracket has a harsh weather resistance capacity. The Uniqueness of Brass Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. It is helpful for various mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties. Brass can be replaced with each other within the same crystal structure. Brass has a few similarities with bronze. Bronze is another proper alloy that contains copper and tin.  Both brass and bronze include small proportions of different elements such as silicon, lead, aluminium, manganese, arsenic, and phosphorus. Since the ancient period, brass has been a popular metal due to its brightness and gold-like appearance. Brass helps make utensils due to its low melting point, thermal and electrical conductivity, and durability.  The usefulness of Brass Metal Brass is helpful in applications where low friction and corrosion resistance are essential. Bearings, gears, hinges, locks, zippers, valves, sockets, electrical plugs, plumbing, and ammunition casings brass metal has vast usefulness.  Brass has immense usefulness in musical instrument manufacturing, such as bells and horns. In the composition of brass, you can get 66% of copper and 34% of zinc. Due to its gold-like appearance, brass has enormous usefulness for jewellery making as well. How to Select a Brass Bracket Supplier? Here are a few steps that will help you to select the best brass glass bracket, supplier- • Authentic brass bracket supplier provides a free sample to their buyers to understand the product quality. It is a sign of an original brass bracket supplier. • Authentic suppliers can supply a small number of products without charging any extra amount. • You can ask the suppliers to supply the product in robust packaging vital for safe transportation. • Authentic suppliers don't charge any hidden amount for exporting the product to another country. • Buyers should consider the quality of the brass metal before ordering in a huge quantity. Authentic brass metal has a water-resistant capacity, which is good brass metal. These are the few essential concepts about brass and brass brackets that you should consider before ordering or purchasing any brass-made bracket from any authentic supplier to decorate your new house. You can select the design of the brass-made bracket from online stores before the final order. To know More About Brass railway hinges Fri, 15 Apr 2022 16:55:50 +0530 Making railway hinges is a responsibility, not merely a business venture. With this in mind, we must be extra cautious about everything, from raw material selection to the manufacturing process, simplicity of installation, and so on.   The technical team at Gujarat has created a line of hinges that fit properly and are simple to install. We categorise our hinges as follows:   • Railway slick hinges Our Marketing and Manufacturing Strategy As railway hinge makers, we do not conceal our engineering designs; our drawings and specifications are open to our clients and the general public. Railway hinges must be extremely durable. Railway hinges are designed to be sturdy and able to tolerate extreme temperatures and pressures. Each of our varieties has several variations that can be altered based on the client's preferences, such as tip types.    What to Expect When You Choose Us? We understand that as producers and exporters, we have specific responsibilities and commitments. The traditional commitments are still valid, but we plan to provide you with more. Aside from the normal lowest price policy, quality assurance, and quick delivery, we also provide installation, maintenance, and inspection services, making us a one-stop-shop for all your railway hinges needs.   We have served clients from practically every continent and fulfilled their requests for brass accessories. Download our product catalog for detailed information on the products we make, as well as dimensions and other specs.    Why Choose Brass Railway Hinges? Brass Railway Hinges provide elegant and one-of-a-kind Brass door knockers and Builder Hardware. Now-a-days, workers use superior technological engineering to give precise and detailed products of specialty quality to their clientele. They have always aimed for excellence in supplying high-quality goods and products at the best possible price, and thus collaborate with us to deliver the best product to you. We have worked hard to match our consumers' expectations by offering a diverse choice of styles, finishes, and colours, as well as better functionality. Over the years, the organisation has grown in prominence by supplying high-quality products. Railway hinges, high-quality, well-designed hardware, provide for simple opening and shutting.      Knowing the Parts:- Inside the knuckle, the pin is the rod that binds the leaves together.   Knuckle - The hollow—usually circular—portion of the hinge joint into which the pin is set. Typically, the knuckles of either leaf alternate and interlock, with the pin running through all of them. (also known as a loop, joint, node, or curl)   Leaf - The section (usually two) that extends laterally from the knuckle and rotates around the pin.   Railway Hinges Finishes Railway Hinges are available in a variety of finishes. Antique Brass, Antique Bronze-Lacquered, Satin Chrome, White Primed, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Black Paint, Yellow Zinc, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Bright Brass, and Oil Rubber Bronze are just a few examples.   Use of a Railway Hinge :  The most common form of hinge is the railway hinge, which is used on internal doors. Railway Hinges are ideal for heavy doors, large doors, and external doors.   Railway Hinges Materials : Steel and brass are used to make railway hinges. What are the Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Baby Latch Fri, 29 Jul 2022 14:34:12 +0530 A latch otherwise defined as a catch is a type of mechanical fastener that conjoins two or more objects or surfaces while at the same time it permits for a systematic separation of the two joined parts.  A latch cannot work by itself; it needs another piece of hardware on the mounting surface. The engaging piece of hardware on the mounting is known as the keeper or the strike. It can be a flexible one-piece flat spring manufactured of metal or plastic. An aluminium baby latch has many applications. They can be used in bathrooms, to lock the door of a room from inside, in cabinets and wardrobes and has multiple other applications.  Choose to deal with the superior quality Aluminium Baby Latches Manufacturer which is crafted from premium quality raw materials which are accurate in size and have a seamless finish with high durability. The products have high strength, robust construction and are corrosion resistant.   Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Baby Latches   ● Lightweight When compared to latches made of other materials, aluminium latches are lightweight. Most aluminium latches, for instance, weigh about one-third the weight of their stainless steel counterparts. With their lightweight properties, they are effortless to install and remove.   ● Corrosion Resistant Aluminium baby Latches are also resistant to corrosion. They can resist humidity and moisture without succumbing to oxidation. Aluminium is actually immune to rust. Rust is an oxidation-related phenomenon that only happens with iron and iron alloys. There’s no iron in aluminium, so aluminium latches can’t rust.    At the same time, they are highly resistant to other forms of corrosion. Their corrosion-resistant properties make aluminium latches ideal for exterior doors.   ● Durable Another benefit of choosing aluminium latches is durability. Some people assume that because aluminium latches are lightweight, they are weak and prone to damage. The truth is that aluminium latches are very durable.  Many automakers use aluminium for various components, including engine components, because of the metal’s high level of durability. Aluminium latches exhibit this same durability.    ● Recyclable Aluminium baby latches can be recycled. Aluminium is actually 100% recyclable. It can be melted down for use in other applications. If you decide to replace a set of aluminium hinges in the future, you can rest assured knowing that they can be recycled.  Aluminium will retain all of its properties after being smelted down, thus allowing aluminium hinges to be fully recycled.   ● Inexpensive Buying an aluminium baby latches won’t break your bank account. Whether you intend to use them for recreational or commercial purposes, you’ll have to purchase them. With that said, aluminium latches often cost less than latches made of other materials.   Because of its recyclable properties — along with the fact that aluminium is an abundant metal — aluminium latches are inexpensive. As you can see, aluminum latches offer several benefits so you select a aluminium batch supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. Also have look at customer reviews and ratings before contacting them. Before reaching them check the prices with other suppliers to get the best deal for your product. Things You Must Know About Brass Bearing Hinges Fri, 28 Oct 2022 16:11:38 +0530 The hinge on your door makes it possible for the door to open and close, as it links it to the frame. It's easy to forget about the hinge when it is working well. The problem arises if they do not work properly. As robust as stainless steel may be, it is also very susceptible to rust. This makes stainless steel fragile and ineligible for use as an exterior hinge. However, when it comes to brass, the metal is highly robust and can withstand any condition.  This article explains everything you need to know before selecting any Brass bearing hinges supplier for your requirements. How Are They Constructed? These solid brass hinges include several bearings that are fabricated to tight tolerances. The high copper content of brass is one of the reasons it is an antibacterial material by nature. Some brass hinges can support doors weighing up to 80 kg (176 lbs) with a unique bearing system. Since each hinge passed an independent fire test and received an EC certificate, they are suitable for mounting fire-resistant door sets. The majority of door hinges are mortised. This term describes insertions of hinges into parts of the door frame carved out or away. It allows the hinge to mount flush with the jamb of the door. The most effective way to determine which hinge will fit your door jamb is to take a look at your current door jamb before purchasing any hinges. How Do Hinges Work? As a handy piece of gadget, a door hinge is a piece of metal that connects the door frame to the door itself. As a result of a hinge's rotational action, a door can open or close depending on the position of the hinge. Oftentimes, metal bearings and hinges on doors are made using steel, brass, or stainless steel to provide maximum strength. Where Can You Use Them? In the metal casting industry, particularly in the hinge area, brass is very useful because it is very malleable and produces less friction. There are also many different door hardware products available that contain these hinges as their decorative accents. Several hinges can be found in residential settings and one of the most common is the brass butt hinge. In addition to being ideal for use in a variety of residential applications, brass-bearing hinges can also be used in furniture, cabinetry, and windows. Buildings and ironwork with antique designs complement brass hinges. Brass is a soft metal. However, it is sturdy enough to serve a wide variety of hardware applications despite its softness. Brass hinges are also thicker than stainless steel hinges. Benefits Of Brass Bearing Hinges • The brass hinges have a strong and sturdy design which can withstand many storms. This makes them an excellent choice for a product that will provide a timeless appearance along with a guarantee of longevity. It is a metal that is known for its ductility, which results in a hinge that is durable and trustworthy. • While it is break-resistant, it can also be easily molded into a variety of shapes. Moreover, brass hinges are also highly corrosion-resistant and do not Rust easily when exposed to moisture. • Aside from being strong and reliable, they also have a premium appearance that makes them stand out from other metals. The aesthetic appeal of brass can be improved in several ways by applying various treatments to it. The hinges of the door, first and foremost, need to be fairly strong, since they are constantly corrosion over time. With the help of this informative article, you can finally decide whether to seek a Brass Bearing Hinges Manufacturer or not. Stainless Steel L Shape Bat – Some important things to qualities to consider before purchasing Mon, 23 Jan 2023 12:20:49 +0530 A bat is an additional kind of hinge that is used on walls to mount items that are smaller in size on the wall. Though the brackets are small they are proficient in carrying loads of up to 1200 lbs. This is a kind of bat that generally joins two parts at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. They are generally fabricated from metal but with the progression in technology nowadays it is sometimes made from wood or plastic. These brackets are produced with holes in them while they are machined to let the screws fix them into position. These are diligently supplied by the Stainless-Steel L Shape Bat Supplier to cater to its customer needs since its inception maintaining quality and grade. Things to consider before buying the Stainless-Steel L Shape Bat Quality The quality of the steel material is certainly a factor that you would not want to overlook and must be maintained by the reliable Stainless Steel L Shape Bat Exporter. For whatever purpose you may use this Stainless-Steel L Shape Bat, a poorly-made steel product will only result in undesirable situations. To evade this, you must make sure that top-class steel Is being used. Whether you are choosing a seamless or seamed L shape Bat, ensure that there are no irregularities in the shape of the material, which can be prone to breakage once exposed to the least bit of pressure. Durability In combination with the quality, you would also likely expect any steel product that you will purchase to provide the uppermost level of durability. Durable steel material can guarantee you that you will not have to spend a needless amount of money simply having to repeatedly make repairs or changes to the L shape steel bat. On another note, this is also a way for you to safeguard the safety of your surroundings. Anti-corrosive properties Not all kinds of stainless-steel L shape bats have the same anti-corrosive properties. Though, there are procedures that can be undergone to increase this feature. Galvanized steel, or steel which has been applied with a defensive zinc coating, is typically more tough and stable compared to one which has not undergone the process. Through galvanization, the capability of the stainless-steel L shape Baat to withstand the changes caused by weathering is significantly enhanced. While you can always opt for stainless steel product which does not typically require galvanization, they can prove to be classier compared to galvanized steel. Purpose Before buying a Stainless Steel L Shape Bat, you have to make sure that you already have a clear picture in your mind of the exact material you want. You would not need to waste money on a material that does not do the job it is meant for. On the other hand, you would also want to think about the long-term profits of devoting to a more expensive, yet more effective product. Qualities of the Stainless-Steel L Shape Bat Supplier • Supplying high-class and quality products • Equipped with top-class machinery • Able to meet the bulk demand • Able to deliver anywhere in the world • Supplying tested products Types of Brass Glass Brackets Wed, 19 Apr 2023 13:26:35 +0530 Glass panels are frequently safely fastened to walls, ceilings, or floors using brass glass brackets. The weight and pressure of glass panels may be supported by the material because it is robust and long-lasting. They have a hole for a screw or bolt that makes mounting them to a surface simple.  The glass panel and the surface are attached securely and steadily. When searching for a brass glass brackets exporter, it is important to consider certain factors such as quality, pricing, shipping options. Brass glass brackets come in a range of sizes and designs. This makes them suitable for use with a variety of glass kinds and aesthetic preferences.  Moreover, they can be combined with other hardware, including handles and hinges, to form a whole glass system. Brass glass brackets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to match various glass panel types and furniture designs. Here are some popular brass glass bracket sizes and designs: Size The thickness and weight of the glass panel that the bracket is intended to support will determine its size. 6mm to 10mm are common sizes. Style Brass glass brackets are available in a variety of patterns to go with different types of furniture. Typical fashions include:Flat Design The flat surface of this design rests flush against the glass panel, making it the most straightforward. Round Design This design has a curved surface that mimics the shape of the glass panel. This gives it a sleek and contemporary appearance. L-Shaped Design The one arm of the bracket is fastened to the furniture frame. While the other arm grasping the edge of the glass panel. This design has a right-angle shape. U-Shaped Design Two arms of this design, which is U-shaped, hold the top and bottom edges of the glass panel. Clamp Design This design incorporates a spring-loaded mechanism that clamps onto the glass panel to provide a firm hold. Depending on the size of the glass panel and the style of the furniture, sets of two or four brass glass brackets are frequently sold. For a safe and reliable hold, it is crucial to purchase the correct size of bracket from brass glass brackets suppliers. How do brass glass supports function? Brass, a strong and corrosion-resistant metal that can support the weight of the glass panel, is typically used to make the brackets. Typically, the bracket has two outward-extending arms and a narrow space. Between them there is a hair thinner than the thickness of the glass panel.  This space enables the bracket to firmly grasp the glass' edge without breaking it. The glass panel must first be attached to the furniture frame in order to employ brass glass brackets. The brackets are then placed over the glass edges so that their arms may grasp the glass from both sides. Conclusion Glass panels are held in place by brass glass brackets, which are generally seen in furniture like cabinets, shelves, and tables. They function by holding the glass panel's edge between two brackets. These are subsequently fastened to the furniture frame. In conclusion, brass glass brackets give furniture a safe and opulent means to hold glass panels in place. They also make it simple to take out and replace the glass as needed.